We are thrilled to announce an exclusive collaboration with Okru, a one-woman ceramic jewelry design operation based in Brooklyn, NY. All of her creations are handmade with polymer clay, "designed with the belief that each impression, color combination, imperfection or fingerprint, only add to the one of a kind quality of each Okru piece."

We discovered Okru online last year and are happy to unveil a travel-inspired collection made exclusively for Loti Market. Each piece was inspired by various destinations that have sparked the creative energy of Okru founder, Meagan Durlak. From childhood memories in northern Ontario and backcountry trips through the Grand Tetons to the glittering magic of Vienna at night, her polymer clay designs have a lovely depth that speak to her practiced passion for travel. 

Meagan works as a strategist for her day job, "dealing with intangibilities" and Okru is her outlet for the "more delicate tangibilities of life." Like her dual vertical pipe necklace, Snowfield: "When hiking through the backcountry of high altitude mountain ranges, you come across large swaths of snow known as snowfields. These slippery, icy and unpredictable spots of whiteness are instant reminders of your fragility when you are venturing out in this type of wilderness."

image (20).jpg

We love poring over the unique patterns and anomalies of each polymer clay piece as we inspect them in the light. The Okru process is exciting in its delicate formations and imperfections and we love observing Meagan's work mid-creation to see how each independent design is cultivated. And the travel inspirations for the Loti collection add more to the artist's deeply personal process.


You can read more about the eight-piece Loti collection at our marketplace and buy your favorites while they last, like this stacked pipe piece, "Needles," inspired by Canyonlands National Park.

image (16).jpg

Find out more about Okru and keep up with Meagan's latest work at madebyokru.com