We’re very excited to introduce our first featured artist, Giannis Podotas of Sifnos, Greece! Located in the Cyclades, Sifnos is a small island with beautiful whitewashed villages, sunlit mountains, plenty of secluded beaches, and a notable reputation for ceramic arts.

Pottery is a long-standing artistic tradition thanks to the island’s abundance of red clay and hot sunshine.  Knowing about region’s notoriety for great ceramics, I visited every pottery shop I came across, but most pieces looked identical from one boutique to another and nothing really caught my eye… until I saw a simple sign in Kamares Port leading me up a small stone pathway.

Giannis is a third-generation ceramist, having learned the trade from his father, Kostas. In his shop, you’ll find family photos tacked up behind the ceramic pieces, showing decades of pottery making. Floor to ceiling shelves house a blend of pieces- half reflecting the traditional pottery of the island, glossy glazes with nature motifs like olive branches, birds, and ships, and half with Giannis’ own modern, experimental style boasting varied textures and bright bursts of color. 

You can find a selection of Giannis' ceramics in our market. Or, if you’re in Sifnos, keep an eye out for them in Kamares and Apollonia! You can find his Facebook page here.