What is Loti?

Loti is the passion project of two writers and close friends, who were looking for a way to express their love for the handmade designs they discovered on their international adventures. Part travel journal and part marketplace, Loti serves to inspire fellow travelers, while supporting the work of independent artists around the globe. 

Who are the people behind Loti?

Ramona Flume is a freelance writer and editor. She is currently working on her first collection of nonfiction short stories, One Fog to Another (Monofonus Press), about her experiences while traveling alone. She lives in Austin, Texas. 

Kelli Nastasi is a brand journalist and freelance writer from Baltimore, Maryland. She currently lives in Paris, France with her husband, Adrien, and their Italian Greyhound, Cosmo. 


Who is Loti?  

Pierre Loti (1850-1923) was a French novelist, world traveller and avid collector. He transformed his three-story home in Rochefort, France into a fantasyland, filling it with a wild assortment of keepsakes and treasures from his favorite places around the world, from sperm whale teeth to Egyptian sarcophagi. Loti Market is our way of saluting this forgotten French eccentric who designed his home to be a direct representation- and daily reminder- of his inspirational travels.


"His house is the gateway to [this] world, with rooms that unfold as if each were a layer of his personality."